Thinking Matters

We think it’s important to give everyone time to think.

We think it’s important to give everyone a chance to respond without being biased by everyone else’s thoughts.

We think every response should get equal weight and there should be no reward for being first.

We think more thoughtful teams will produce more thoughtful products and make more meaningful impact.

We think the best way to do this is slow down the responses and give everyone an equal voice when they have time.

We built ThinkingTime to help change the conversation.

Time to Think More

You want quick but unbiased design feedback from your team

Gathering questions ahead of a meeting or an all-hands

Starting a weekly retrospective over Slack for your team

Discussing a candidate after a full day of interviews

Initiating a brainstorm around a tricky problem

Requesting input or suggestions for a team event or offsite

Let’s think together.

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