How It Works

How ThinkingTime Works

With ThinkingTime, it’s easier than ever to collect feedback on an important question from your team while giving them time to think and make all the responses equal.

To initiate a ThinkingTime request for your team, simply type /thinkingtime and your request into a Slack channel.

/thinkingtime <request>

You will see a prompt to set up the request to your team.

Step 1: Choose how much time you want to give your team to think and respond before all responses are released:

  • One Minute — for testing
  • Five Minutes — for real-time conversations or meetings
  • Three Hours — for creating space to think but wanting same day feedback
  • Tomorrow Morning (default)— for giving people time to think through rest of day and perhaps overnight

Step 2: Write the prompt or question you want your team to think about and respond to.

Step 3: Press submit and your request is sent to your team.

It appears in your Slack channel as posted from the ThinkingTime app:

When your teammates are ready (but before the time limit!) they should click the “Respond When Ready” button. They will see:

All responses are collected and scheduled with Slack to submit at the specified time. Messages are never stored outside of Slack for your security.

For Three Hours and Tomorrow Morning options, the ThinkingTime App will post a reminder to the channel 30 minutes prior to the responses being released.

Once the release time happens, all submitted responses are posted back to the original thread in random order. We don’t want to reward speed, but instead thoughtfulness.

After the responses are posted, your team can continue the conversation on the thread or in the channel.

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